Friday, August 7, 2020

Branden Grace Eighth PGA Golfer With COVID-19

Last week at the Barracuda Championship, PGA golfer Branden Grace had to withdraw after the second round of the tournament due to a positive COVID-19 test.  Branden was actually in a tie for 2nd place when he was forced to withdraw before the 3rd round.  

Branden Grace was also unable to participate in this weeks major, the PGA Championship, due to his positive coronavirus test. He has finished in the top-five twice in the past five PGA Championships.

Tough break for a player having to withdraw mid-round of a tournament they were in contention to win.  Also a tough break in having to miss a major golf tournament in which he has had past success. After his 10-day isolation period, he should be able to rejoin the competition soon.

Branden Grace is the eighth PGA golfer to test positive for COVID-19 and has been added to the PGA Golfer Positive List for COVID-19. Visit that link to see all PGA golfers that have tested positive to date.

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